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Join the phenomenal movement. We are making limited streetwear accessible for everyone again.


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Our story

A Young 'Vijfhuizens' Streetwear brand

You are curious about who we are? Or you are just dropping by? We don’t really care why you ended up on this page, we are gonna tell you our story anyway.

We are Pheno, a young brand that focuses on making what we like.  Full of courage, founded by two enthusiastic young men.

Our mission is: We create things that we think are cool. We also sell it to some people. Don’t be afraid to join our phenomenal journey.

Where does ‘Pheno’ come from? That is not so complicated with us. Pheno comes from the English phenomenal, phenotype, phenomenon. In all cases a positive, just like us: Positive, phenomenal dudes.

Who are we? We are the founders of Pheno Clothing:
-Daaf van den Boogaard
-Noek de Feber

We are two young, Dutch and enthusiastic guys who don’t take life seriously, love a good party and know ‘what’s good’. 

Why are we doing this? Because we like it. That is actually the main reason. We love to design and create products, and we hope that you guys will like it too.
Don’t even hessitate to take a sneak peak in our lookbooks!